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Sample Training Offerings

Microaggressions in the Workplace 

  • Learn how to recognize microaggressions, explore the impact of microaggressions in the workplace, identify techniques to minimize the occurrence of microaggressions and ways to respond when someone has been microaggressive.

Building an Inclusive Work Culture 

  • Develop the necessary skills to support and sustain an inclusive work culture. This training will cover ways to improve emotional intelligence and trust-building, as well as techniques to address inappropriate behavior.  

Cultural Awareness Training

  • Identify the benefits and challenges of having a diverse workplace, look at how culture impacts communication styles and behavioral practices, identify techniques to reduce cross-cultural misunderstandings in the workplace. 

Inclusive Leadership Training

  • Explore signature traits of inclusive leaders, strengthen self-awareness, and gain knowledge and the communication skills needed to foster a feeling of belongingness in the workplace, manage diverse teams, and serve diverse clients and customers.

Advancing Racial Equity 

  • Explore key concepts such as structural and institutional racism to better understand the causes of racial inequities. Participants will learn ways to challenge discrimination by practicing allyship and using privilege and power to create impactful change. 

Protecting Our Children Together: Building a Healthy Racial Identity 

  • Learn how to protect children from the psychological harms of racism by building a positive racial identity.

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