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Melissa A. Little Consulting and Mediation Services provides customized diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism (DEIA) services that are tailored to transform mindsets and company culture, empower individuals, increase awareness, and create inclusive and equitable environments. This includes training, cultural assessments, facilitated workshops, strategic planning, ongoing advice and support, policy review, and conflict resolution services.


Melissa A. Little Consulting & Mediation services provides conflict resolution services to individuals and businesses. Our mediators support participants by facilitating communication, asking key questions that aide participants in identifying their interests and concerns, help participants who appear to be at an impasse, and assist with generating options for resolution and making decisions.​


Our consulting firm offers tailor-made diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings and services to meet the needs of your organization. This includes helping to identify problem areas and developing an actionable plan for change that will ultimately result in performance improvement. We also specialize in helping clients recruit, hire, and retain a diverse talent pool. 

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Melissa A. Little Consulting and Mediation Services helps firms, legal institutions, and bar organizations design and implement diversity and inclusion strategies that contribute to business goals, as well as the legal profession. This includes workshops on how to interact more effectively within the work place, trainings on inclusive leadership, facilitated discussions on race and the legal system, as well as expert advice on diversity recruiting and retention. 


Melissa A. Little Consulting & Mediation Services provides trainings and facilitates discussions around complex race issues. Our consultants work with parents and youth focused organizations to teach strategies on how to build a healthy racial identity in children and youth. These discussions and course trainings provide guidance on how adults can best prepare their children for racist events, while building self-pride and confidence. In addition to virtual and in-person trainings, we offer a self-paced course, "Protecting Our Children Together", as well as the accompanying book, that is available for immediate purchase.


Our consultants understand the numerous benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion within educational institutions. In addition to helping our clients comply with laws that prohibit discrimination, we work with boards, administrators, educators, staff, students, and community members to ensure that DEI is embedded into systems, processes, policies, and school culture. This includes ensuring that schools stay abreast of special education laws and best practices. Our programming and trainings are custom-made to fit the needs of your students and employees.

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Community Circles are facilitated conversations that provide support and training to adults experiencing racial bias in their everyday life. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with other people of color, share experiences, and learn strategies to address racial bias. Our community circles are led by a certified diversity professional who will provide strategies on responding to racist comments or microaggressions, building a positive racial identity, and reducing the emotional harms of racism. We also provide private sessions to adults seeking support on ways to address racism. 

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Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process where an impartial third-party ("Mediator") assist participants in resolving disputes and making decisions.  Our mediators specialize in family disputes, work disputes, housing disputes, race-based conflicts, school conflicts, and special education related conflicts. Mediation can help participants:

  • Feel heard and understood;

  • Clarify points and concerns;

  • Identify and prioritize issues to be resolved;

  • Discuss possible solutions for the future;

  • Come to an agreement.

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